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    deeze6 Guest

    Is landlord required to shovel snow?

    What is the name of your state? NJ

    I live in a multi-unit apartment complex with a parking lot for the tenants.

    Who is required the shovel snow in the parking lot, the tenants or the landlord?

    How about on the sidewalk?


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    zappy Guest
    YES the landlord is required to clean the sidewalks etc.

    But guess what??? If YOU went out there and started cleaning it will impress your landlord and maybe at renewal time they wont raise your rent.

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    Won't raise the rent because the tenant shoveled snow ?? What Fairy land are YOU living in ?? Rent increases in complexes aren't preferential, its a BUSINESS decision and whether or not you break your own back shoveling snow the LANDLORD is obligated to clear means squat at the business office. About the only time that will buy you any niceties is if its a privately-owned property.

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    Dee the day your LL actually gets some one there to plow the lot you need to be ready to move your car . so you might as well get some boots on and shovel out from under the car where you need to to help you drive it out . As far as the rest of it considering how much snow has come down you might not be able to go anywhere any way so sit back and enjoy the quiet that comes with places that get snowbound .

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