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    Fedup tenant Guest

    Angry Landlord refuses to fix anything

    [SIZE=3]land lord refuses to fix anything[/SIZE]

    My husband and I live in Michigan,we are renting a 2 bedroom house with a month to month contract.
    The house is about 60 years old...and has the origanal windows in it very warn out and warped.
    The water heater is Making Really bad noises..
    The kitchen sink leaks.
    Mind you the cuboards inside are new.
    The outside of the house is the worst,
    We had a small roof that hung over the porch....very rotted and falling down.
    I asked them to take it down fearing the saftey of the children that are around.
    The landlord took it down and just left the beams hanging.
    The wood on the outside of the house that you can tear it off by hand.
    So we have no porch and have holes on the outside to where you can see the inside of the house.And the roof is rotted.

    Nothing has been done.

    We have asked him many times to fix what needs to be fixed and was lied to or just blown off.
    What can i do????

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    happy&lucky Guest
    With NO LEASE**************..you are a DUMMY for complaining...

    Expect on Nov 1st to get your 30 day notice to vacate.....either that or shut up, none of your complainin is gonna make a slumlord fix his property.

    Thats it...get off your ass and find a new home TODAY!!!!!!

    And who cares about the kids???? if they get hurt the parents will sue the landlord...big deal!

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    Fedup tenant Guest
    thats your advise????
    Thanks for nothing**************..why do you bother saying anything if your going to insult people?

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    happy&lucky Guest
    Its very simple......

    You dont have a clue......and unless someone insults you and tells you like it is , you will go on and on and on about the bad landlord you have.

    So what! We all have had bad landlords, but without A LEASE you really have almost NO RIGHTS to demand anything.

    So get off your ass, shut off the TV, get the Sunday newspaper, check the rental listings on line, and get a new place to live by next week.

    And GET A LEASE next time!

    And DUH if the landlord refuses to sign one or says they will send it to you...TAKE YOUR MONEY ELSEWHERE....!

    Am I being honest enough for you?

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    Fedup tenant Guest
    that helps alot ....and by the way there are ppl who can understand things if explained in a HUMAN manner......
    thats what i needed to know..

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    happy&lucky Guest
    Thats better**************

    Now you know the score.....there is very little you can do to make a slumlord take care of the property when you have no lease.

    Unless it is really bad and unihabitable, then you might have a recourse to sue the landlord for some rent abatement, and moving expenses

    Remember YOU are a consumer, the landlord is offering you a product, YOU must take precautions to make sure you are not getting ripped off.

    And a lease and a reciept is usually the best way to try and protect yourself.

    So thats it DO NOT ever give a landlord money and walk out of his house without a signed lease.

    good luck in your NEW home!

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    Fedup Tenant

    You may get help by contacting the Dept. of Buildings, HUD or the Housing Preservation Dept in your state, if there is one. You may even take the LANDLORD to court and seek an abatement. If he is not paying taxes on the property, then you may have an avenue to gain the property thru legal channels. If there is a DHCR in your state, write your complaint to the agency. The DHCR usually make rulings in cases such as yours. Hope this helps.


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    Gene Gayda Guest
    "If he is not paying taxes on the property, then you may have an avenue to gain the property thru legal channels."

    Chuckle, chuckle, chuckle.


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    Fedup tenant Guest


    We are seriously thinking of having a building inspector come in and take a look at it....
    Then sue him for all the rent weve payed him......and of course other costs that we may indure.

    In not sure if he owes taxes on it but....
    I wouldnt want it if we did get it lol.

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    happy&lucky Guest
    I would like a judge to hear you want your rent money back...

    You know he will listen to the landlord tell him HOW BAD a tenant you are**************

    Now if you were smart maybe you would ask for 20 or 25% rent abatement for the horrible conditions...

    But then again...If I were a JUDGE i would have the landlord give you all of your deposit back and give the Sherriff your 10 day eviction notice. If you are not out on the 11th day...you would be FORCEFULLY moved out to the street!

    All becuse you have NO LEASE you have NO RIGHTS to stay there.

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    Fedup tenant Guest
    All i can say is....
    Just have to deal with it til we find another place...
    damn if we do damn if we dont.

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    Fedup tenant Guest
    Originally posted by Gene Gayda
    "If he is not paying taxes on the property, then you may have an avenue to gain the property thru legal channels."

    Chuckle, chuckle, chuckle.

    Not sure id really want it if thats the case .HA

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    happy&lucky Guest
    Originally posted by Fedup tenant
    All i can say is.... Just have to deal with it til we find another place... damn if we do damn if we dont.
    Now..Finally.. maybe.. you understand how very very important it is have a lease.....at least for the first year...

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