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    Is it legal for landlord to give out private contact info to other tenants?

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? New York

    My landlord recently gave my private contact (cell number) & my mother's house number to another tenant who used it to leave harassing messages to both my mother and myself. While my landlord was away for the past two months his friend from a neighboring building was collecting the rent checks, and for some strange reason when my landlord returned he claimed I did not make any payments and served me with a rent request, which I satisfied immediately, however my landlord provided another tenant in my building with both my private cell number and my mother's home phone number to which he left harassing messages claiming to be from a non-existent building association and stating that I have to make full payment in cash AND turn in the keys and vacate the premises within three days, which I know is not the case. I have proof from a caller ID that the messages were left from the office of the other tenant and the only way he could have obtained the two numbers is directly from my landlord. Is this legal for my landlord to give out this private information in an attempt to work with another tenant to bully me out of my rent-stabilized unit? As my mother is only listed on the lease as an emergency contact and this matter has caused her and myself stress and anguish because the tenant operating under the guise of this building association claimed there was signed affidavits for drug use and other violations that are completely fabricated. Thank you in advance for any information or advice you can extend me.

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    Adhere to you lease and the landlord tenant law(s).


    For the harassment , you and your mother might consider
    ( separately - as each case may be ) about filing a report against the person(s) that are harassing you / your mother .

    If you paid the rent , where is your receipts ?

    Why did you pay again ?

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    I know in the state of Va it is illegal for a landlord to do that. You may want to look up the renters rights of your state.

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    If your rent checks were cashed then get copies of the cashed checks and send them to the LL via certified mail.

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    I realize you're asking about the release of contact numbers; however, I'm confused about the rent issue. If you paid your rent, why did you pay it again?

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    This is a distraction to the issue of non-payment of rent and will not prevent eviction.
    Tenant should make a priority to provide proof of rent payment(s) rather than collecting proof about the LL’s agent.
    LL can authorize others to act as their agent to deal with premises matters or tenant matters. Providing contact information (telephone number, email address) for the purposes of debt collection is not a privacy violation. This information is not “private.” The release of personal/private information (social security, driver’s license) would be a breach of privacy if the person is not qualified or capable to legally collect debts. Providing private information (social security, driver’s license) to authorized agents (marshal, sheriff, consulate, collection agency, financial institution) would not be a breach of privacy.

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