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    Is living in a commercial building grounds for eviction?

    What is the name of your state? OH

    I rented an office space to a tenant. They were supposed to get liability insurance, but never did. A couple months ago, they were sleeping in the office. I was told it was a temporary thing, but every night they have been sleeping there. They have food, a TV, and everything else they need right in the office.

    The contract we have is a bit vague. It doesn't mention the required liability insurance. I would like the use the failure to get insurance and the living in the office as the reason for eviction. The building is zoned commercial, and it is illegal to live there. Is that ground for eviction? Would I have to give them 7 days or so to get insurance and find a new place to live, and if they did, then the eviction notice is invalid? Or can I just say get out?

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    Just because the structure is located in a commercial zone, does not automatically make the building or specific area of the building in question a habitable dwelling. There are very specific requirements in regards to a habitable dwelling space such as means of egress, ventilation, lighting, bathrooms etc.

    For example, just because a restaurant is located in a "commercial" zone, does not mean the cook is entitled to set up his bunkbeds in the kitchen.

    Talk to your local zoning or code enforcement department to get specifics.

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    Your own city /county zoning dept would be the best source for information wich ill bet you already know the answer to. Talk to a real estate atty about the best way to either get them to use the space as it was intended , or to get them out.

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