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    bunnie800 Guest

    Angry mgmt wants me to move to another unit to accomodate other tenant

    (california) to make a long story short, my neighbor below me complains about normal living noises. she has pounded on my floor (her ceiling) and has left me a note asking me to NOT do laundry or use the dishwasher after 10pm. I even checked w/ mgmt if it was ok to do these activites at those hours and they said it was ok. she also accuses me of slamming the door when it's actually the neighbor next door. she complains about my stereo, which is on at a reasonable level during awake hours (sleep hours are from 10pm-9am). There have been no other complaints from other neighbors. I have done so many things to accomodate to her, but she has now gone to the mgmt of the apartments. they haven't even varified the noise levels, but has given me the "option" to move to another unit, or to stay and be quiet. I don't see why I should have to be the one inconvenienced by moving (time spent packing/unpacking, changing my address, utilities transfers, etc) to accommodate someone who is complaining about noises that are within reasonable levels. My lease also ends June 30, 2002. Since they want me to accomodate my neighbor, I suggested that they just let me out of my lease 30 days early (May 31). I didn't plan on renewing prior to the neighbors complaints to the mgmt, and my decision was strongly decided because of the neighbor.
    The regional manager rejected my request to be released early from the lease without any penalties. Don't I have any rights as the other tenant? I feel that they are picking on me and have stripped me of any rights. I am also wondering if their decision was influenced by my perceived age or my ethnic background. I'm 27, but am often mistaken for being up to 10 years younger. I am also of a minority background, and the mgmt and neighbor are of the same ethnicity.

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    greenjeans Guest
    I'm sorry to hear that people can be rude like that.
    You said she left you a note asking not to do laundry or run the diswasher after 10pm. Then you said that you didn't play loud music during sleeping hours, 10pm to 9am. I know from experience that a running dishwasher or washing machine running above you can actually be pretty loud. And, "normal sleeping hours" are different for each person. I sleep from 6am. to 2pm so you have to be somewhat considerate for those people who keep things running while you're sleeping. I don't think the complaints are because of your age or ethnicity or anything else of that nature. Keep your chin up, your lease is almost up and you'll never have to deal with those people again.

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    bunnie800 Guest
    Thanks for the reply.

    I also wanted to add that the "sleeping hours" are what is stated in my lease. And also that I chose to be upstairs, and pay a higher rent, to avoid having to hear these noises myself. Little did I know, that someone would be complaining about me. I think this lady & mgmt has no idea that they will run into the same problem with future neighbors above her. She seems to want to find things to complain about.

    I also forgot to mention that the day the I talked to the mgmt, I went back to my apartment and someone had thrown a raw egg on my balcony. It's just all too suspicious. I informed mgmt and their reply was defending the neighbor.

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    dankk Guest
    Since your lease is up next month...then give the managment a written 30 day notice today, that you will not be renewing your lease, and forget about the tenant below.....

    You have a right to com and go as you please, and doing laundry is past 10 is a reasonable time to do it......just tell the neighbor you are saving energy, since they always tell you to do the laundry and dishes after 8pm anyway....

    Tkae lots of pictures and do a move out report before you hand back the keys.

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    greenjeans Guest
    Well, hopefully the person below you will realize that noise is just a fact of life when living in an apartment with other people. I just remembering getting mad at people who insisted on vacuuming above me all the time. I also lived next door to the laundry facility in the building and I could never get a quiet nights sleep. I, however, think your management needs some help in their managing skills. Just turn in your thirty day notice and find a more people friendly place!

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    I wouldn't even turn in your 30 day notice. In California the end of the lease constitutes the end of the agreement and no notice is required. Clean everything up, take as many pictures as possible, then inform the management that you want to do the walkthrough, and leave the bad experience behind you.

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    What's so unreasonable about asking you not to do laundry or run the dishwasher after 10? The neighbors above me are constantly pounding around, dumping buckets of water onto their porch which drains onto mine, and making all kinds of weird noises at all hours. Is it so bad to be courteous? If you really feel you're being reasonable and they still complain, and the management backs them up, move.

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