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    is a motorhome considered a residence

    What is the name of your state? Arizona My fiance died 4 days ago we lived together in a motorhome in a motorhome park. weve lived in the motorhome for 2 1\2 years. 2 days ago his sons came to town and towed my home away, with all my personal property. i was left standing there with nothing not even my toothbrush.. Is this legal? there was no will, regaurdless... how can they take my home?
    Q: the title to our home was in his name only, however 6 months ago he signed the title over due to his bad heart in case something happened....but we were not aware that state law says it has to be noterized so we did not have it noterized, but several of our friend at the church including the minister were witnesses to this and were aware of his intentions.

    Q:the tow yard refuses to inform me of the wereabouts of home. is this also legal?
    Q:we were also planning to be married in the church on sept 25 of this year. Do i have any rights?
    In this time of hurt, i find myself not only without Jack and My heart breaks but, homeless ,,clothesless, everything is gone What can i do to get my home back ,at least get my personal property my {pictures dishes underware] please help!!!!!!

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    File theft charges against them for taking your personal belongings. You'll have to see an estate lawyer about whether you can sue for title to the home.

    This post does not constitute legal advice, nor does it create an attorney-client relationship. Postings are based only on the information provided and you should consult an attorney in your area before relying on information contained in this post.

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