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    My Neighbor is harassing me!

    A tenant in the RV/mobile home park has been harassing myself and has caused conflict with other tenants as well. A petition has been sent to the owner and he has failed to remedy the situation. I personally have an order against him for harassment that he has violated 2 times now. I am in fear of my life. I have a serious heart condition and am stressed by him daily. The owner of the property wont even let the manager evict him. He refuses to pay for the attorney to process service. What can I or we due. I cant take his being a nuisance.

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    What is he doing to harass you?

    And what is this harassment order? What has he done to violate it? Have you notified the police that this neighbor has violated the court order?

    Unless the tenant who is harassing you has violated some rules that permit the owner to evict him, he may not be able to be evicted simply because you and he are having problems. If the owner of the property is unable or unwilling to help you address the issue, you might have to consider moving. The other alternative is to pay an attorney to deal with the issue either with the neighbor or the property owner ... provided there is anything that CAN be done.

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