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    New Oregon law 60 day no-cause eviction?

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? Oregon
    I have read that there is a new Oregon law that took affect in Jan of this year. For no-cause does a landlord have to give you 60 days instead of 30?
    I have lived her since Jan 08. Have filed a discrimination charge against the owners here. They granted a stay until the investigation is over (long story) (some of you probably remember me?) They keep giving me notices anyway.
    I remind you that this is NO-Cause.
    I have found conflicting information about the notice. One place says that as long as you have lived somewhere for over a year, a 60 day notice is a appropriate. another says that If the person moved in after Jan 2010. Does anyone know the Real answer?
    Thank youWhat is the name of your state (only U.S. law)?

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    This is what you are looking for:


    Leases affected are those entered into after January, 2010.


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    Leases entered after Jan 2010

    Thank you Gail for your reply, and information. I'm still trying to figure out something though.
    I had a one year Lease when I moved in Jan 2009. that Lease ended and i got a roommate. There was a NEW rental agreement(month-month) put into place. I was put on a month-month even though under normal circumstances(which this is NOT)at my place of residence, usually a one year lease rolls over and renews for another year What I understand, the new law states that an agreement entered into after Jan 2010?
    I guess my question now is: Since We have entered into a new rental agreement after that date (JAN 2010) Would that include us in the new law? Since we signed a NEW agreement? Or do we still fall under the old lease?
    Thank you

    Does anyone have any info on this subject?

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