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    No heat-how long does landlord have to fix it?

    Hi, I'm in Pittsburgh, PA and I have a slight problem. The heat in my apartment does not work, and never has. I left my landlord a message about it on Saturday 2/19 at 630pm. I called him again on Sunday 2/20 at 2pm, at which point he told me that he would come by later in the afternoon after his son's birthday party and would call me when he was coming out. He never called, and did not answer his phone when I called him again. Is this legal? How long does a landlord have to fix this?

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    Wait a sec... I will look outside.

    he should of course fix it right away

    Try doing it by mail certified registered receipt requested.. or something like that so you can have a paper trail... I am in California and I have been cold So I can't imagaine how you feel. You need a paper trail. If nothing else you can burn them for heat.

    Really, The LL has an obligation but cannot be held responsible if not proven to be told. Only paper will tell that you requested the repair.
    Its only 65 here and I am whining???
    good luck

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    Similar Issue

    We had an issue with inadequate heat a month and half ago. I can't argue that a paper trail is very important. If nothing else a certified letter shows the owner you're serious. The problem with certified, etc is that it can't be delivered until signed for. The last one I sent took 8 days to be delivered. Whatever you do, they must fix the heat or you may have the right to call somebody yourself and deduct the repair cost from your rent. I found a book from the library on tenant rights that stated this, unfortunatly, I don't have the title or author for you anymore. I'm sure it can vary from state to state, but most have a law of some sort like this. You may also try looking up the state code on the internet. It'll take some time as government websites are notoriously hard to search. If you do send a cert. letter send along a copy of the code for good measure.

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