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    Question Normal wear and tear - what is normal?

    What is the name of your state? Ohio

    My question is how is "normal" wear and tear defined when vacating an apartment?

    Here is our situation. We were the first renters to ever live in our apartment, as the complex was still under construction when we moved in. We have lived in the same apartment for 6 years and 4 months (by the moveout date). During that time, the large property management company has made no major repairs (carpet, painting, appliances, etc.) to the apartment, and has responded somewhat timely to our requests for maintenence as needed, but again nothing major has needed work.

    Now that we are preparing to move out, we're concerned as we've heard many stories about move-out charges ranging in the $1000-$2500 range in other tenants who have left this complex, being charged for everything from new carpeting and new appliances, to charges for repainting. From watching others come and go over the years, we know the management company always, and I mean always, repaints and brings in a carpet cleaner. So - here's the issue (finally!). My spouse uses a power wheelchair, which has left, over the years, stains in the linoleum of the kitchen/bathroom, as well as knicks on kitchen appliances (dishwasher and fridge). Additionally, corners have dings from footrests. All of these fall for us under normal wear and tear, as the wheelchair is a necessary part of his daily life. They knew of his wheelchair at move in, so it's not a surprise, and the initial property manager in fact had been a property manager at a previous location he rented at (she's long gone, though, as they go through property managers here about every 4-5 months!!).

    Since the apartment was brand new at move in 6+ years ago, and we are "hard" users primarily because of the wheelchair, what is the best advice for minimizing additional charges at move-out from *our* normal wear and tear from a management company which dings every tenant with excessive charges for much more minimal "wear and tear"?

    Thanks for your advice!What is the name of your state?

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    It is far easier to answer what is not "normal wear and tear" than to answer it in the positive. Clean the unit up, repair any damages above wear and tear, and, if you have the right to cure, and the LL so obliges, ask him in prior to move-out for a "pre move-out" reconciliation of damages.

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