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    Ohio- Landlord won't return security deposit

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? Ohio. I recently vacated a rental home. I had completed a year lease and was going month to month (no contract signed for month to month). I gave my notice to the landlord and the landlord and I went over the premises on June 30th and she verbally advised me what she would need to deduct from the security deposit.

    I wrote everything down and took pictures of the items in question. I also have a video of the state of the house as I left it (in excellent condition). There were 3 items in question (a cracked window), a small tear in a screen, and a $50 fee for not mowing the grass before I left. I agreed to all of these items (verbally). I provided the landlord with a forwarding address (on the day we met to go over the house). I have talked to her once since then (on another matter- I found her new tenants) and at that time (June 11th) she said she would be sending my security deposit check the next week.

    The 30 days that is allowed by law in Ohio has passed and I still have not received a check or an itemized list (if she decided to keep the entire deposit). I have called her twice and left messages (last one on August 2nd) and she will not return my calls. The total of the security deposit was $900. What is my next step? Thank you in advance.

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    Two options...

    1. Write (not call) a demand letter, demanding the return of your security deposit within a certain time period (say, 2 weeks after the landlord receives the letter) and indicate you will consider taking legal action if this is not received.

    2. Skip number 1 and go directly to the legal action route; i.e., file a lawsuit against the landlord.

    Familiarize yourself with the landlord/tenant law in Ohio:

    [url=http://www.tenant.net/Other_Areas/Ohio/landlord.html]OHIO'S LANDLORD-TENANT LAW[/url]


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