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    fixacom4 Guest

    Please help, I just got an eviction notice

    I live in Onslow County, NC. I was tired of my landlord always moving my stuff and throwing it on my back deck when he was mowing the lawn. I asked hime for a signed copy of our lot agreement because I wanted him to show me what I was in violation of. He replied "I ain't giving you ****!". At that point I told him that I was through talking to him and to have a good day and that he would be hearing from my lawyer. Well, today, he hands my wife and eviction notice that says we have thirty days to get off of his land. We live in a double wide trailer. He said that it was for failure to maintain a clean yard, yet I had never received any verbal or written notices to fix the problem. Who is in the right here?

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    happy&lucky Guest
    The landlord is right and you should move in 30 days!

    Why? Because YOU cannot produce a copy of the lot agreement.

    So you are a month to month tenant, and 30 days is all you get.

    Come on boy, you in the Redneck south, low life scumbags You gave your money and got NOTHING in writing...

    thats how them good ole southern boys get you by the nutzzz.

    You cannot demand the landlord show the judge the agreement...YOU have to produce you copy then the landlord gets his and a judge decides

    So you will learn an expensive lesson in LIFE SKILLS....if a landlord will not give you a copy of a lease, TAKE YOUR MONEY ELSEWHERE!

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    Unless you had something in your lease (provided you have one) to the contrary, he doesn't have to give you a reason, just 30 days notice.

    It's a little late now, but you could have avoided the problem by asking the landlord to let you know when he was going to cut the grass so that you could pick up your own junk before he arrived.


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    fixacom4 Guest
    one question, though. I looked up the NC state law and it stated that I had to be served by a representative of the Sheriff's Dept after he petitioned the court with the reason for me to be evicted. So, his handwritten eviction notice is not legal in the state of NC and it atually falls under a violation of NC law. Any experts on this want to tell me if I am interpreting this law incorrectly?

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    Smithy Guest
    I believe that the handwritten notice you recieved was so that you will have to leave thirty days from that date. Then, the sheriff should come along with another notice at some point. Either way, if he wants you to leave, you'll have to leave. (I may be wrong.)
    Good luck, and if nothing else, this will make you more cautious in the future.

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    fixacom4 Guest
    oh yeah, I do have a copy of the lot agreement, but when other tenants have asked him to show them what they are in violation of, he draws up a totally different contract than what they have and puts in new specifics that makes them in violation. That is why I asked him to see the signed copy that he has from me.

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    happy&lucky Guest
    GEEZ you have a copy of the lot agreement....

    that is what a judge is going to want to see...

    He makes up other lot agreements with other tenants....thats ILLEGAL and a potential CRIMINAL VIOLATION!


    COME ON BOY.. start learnin bout REDNECK behavior!

    If this REDNECK shows up in court with a forged agreement ask the judge to arrest him.

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    fixacom4 Guest
    so, I do have a leg to stand on then?

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    happy&lucky Guest
    ok lets stop going around in circles:

    what does your lease say about the yard?

    and the landlord must prove you violated the lease, did he take any pictures of the violations to show a judge?

    then YOU take pictures of the yard to prove its ok.

    After the date on the eviction notice the landlord can file a formal evcition in a court of law. He cannot kick you out toss your stuff out NOTHING without a court order

    Now here is where the Communist Rednecks in North Carolina come in......they will not spend the money to evict you, they will threaten and harass you into moving.....so call the police and have the landlord arrested!

    PS you live in AMERICA boy, not some 3rd world communist dictatorship....maybe your landlord is a communist but YOU as an American are entitled by our founding fathers to a fair hearing in a court of law.

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    fixacom4 Guest
    Thank you so much Happy&Lucky. I appreciate the help, at least I'm a little more familiar with what can and can't be done. I have never seen him around here with a camera, but it doesn't really matter because he said I had car parts everywhere, but all that was there was a jack and oil pan that was left after an oil change. I feel a lot better now knowing that he isn't the Mister Almighty that he thought he was. Those items could easily have been moved by me, yet he took it upon himself to throw them on my back deck and bust open my case of oil back there. Once again, I thank you.

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