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    Returning keys to landlord

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? Maine. Is it permissible for the tenant ( me ) to leave the keys in the locked apartment when lease is ended and tenant moves out, if the tenant calls the landlord the same day and notifies him that the keys are there and where? This is how I did it. Is this an acceptable way to return the keys if the landlord lives in another building and has a key himself? I lived in an apartment for 12 ys with no problems and no late payments. The apartments got a new landord who hallers and is direspectful to tentants so I moved. Now the landlord says keys weren't there even though another tenant was with me and saw me leave the keys. Landlord just screams at me and won't listen when talked to.

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    How will you prove that you left the keys?

    There are two rules for success:

    (1) Never tell everything you know.
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    And what if L does not have another set of keys and charges you to hire a locksmith to get in?

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    What does it say in your lease and/or any other written agreement re: the key return? As asked above, it is always advisable to return keys in person if possible (seems no reason why this was not possible) to avoid this type of conflict. Especially in a situation where you don't like/trust the LL as you must have known it might be an issue.

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    I lived in a complex that has 200 apartments. The landord does have key and went in . She didn't go in until 28 days after I movedout. She said keys were not where I put them. ( I never dreamed somone would lie about something like this). Mainteance people all have keys to my apartment and go in when I am not there. Landlord charged me $35 for not returning keys to my one and only door to my apartment.

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    I charge $50 for un-returned keys

    When the keys disappear, they could be in the possession of anyone, including burglars, rapists etc.

    Were I the LL, I would charge for a change of locks, for new tenants are not safe with keys out there...

    I change locks a lot, to keep my tenants safe....

    Its not the cost of the Key, its value is that it lets the holder into the Unit.

    Un-accounted for keys are not safe !

    You lose !

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    Can't find anything newer than something written four years ago?

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