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    coffmania Guest

    Question rude landlord changing duedate of rent

    my husband and i have lived in our apartment for 3 years. usually we pay our rent (we are month to month) on the first, but sometimes due to the days we get paid, we will pay on the fifth or eight or whatever. we do pay a late fee of 30 dollars when we don't pay on or before the first. On our original contract, we moved in midmonth, and the date on paying rent was not specified as being the first of each month. about 6 months ago, our rent was increased 50 dollars and with that, a new contract was made out, saying rent was due on the first. last month we informed our landlord that we would be paying rent on the 7th. my husband forgot to take the check down, so on the 8th the landlord called saying she needed the rent. i took the check down, explaining my husband forgot, and she was very angry, saying that rent was to be due on the first from now on. can she kick us out for paying the rent late a few times? thanx for your response.forgot to mention we live in california.

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    petmann Guest
    Nope YOU are rude an nasty tenants!!!!!!

    Of coruse the landlord can kick you out for any reason since you have NO LEASE!

    The landord MUST give you a 30 day notice to vacate in writing, so thats it!

    Do you still want to be rude and nasty tenants?

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    coffmania Guest

    Thumbs down reply to petmann

    to make the assumption of how we are as tenants from the brief account i stated, calling people rude and nasty when you don't even know who you are dealing with is itself rude and nasty. and you know what happens when you assume something(break it down). i was hoping someone with a little class and brains would answer my question, so the next time you see something you want to adress, please do everyone with some intelligence a favor and log off!

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    jlw1000 Guest
    In your post you stated that 6 months ago you were informed (via contract) that your rent would be due the 1st. If you did not agree with this, you should have moved.

    The landlord most likely has a mortgage on the property, and most times a mortgage payment is due on the 1st. So the landlord needs to receive your rent in a timely fashion in order to make that payment.

    I agree with petmann in that the landlord is not being rude. It is the landlord's property after all, if you don't like the rules get your own property so you can do as you please. Although the bank holding your mortgage will not appreciate someone that is often late either.

    It is actually rude of you to expect the landlord to sit around waiting for you to the pay the rent whenever you feel like it. You know when the rent is due, and should budget yourself accordingly.

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    Someone in your family needs to take responsibility for your rental housing.

    If you can't get rent to landlord on the 1st - forget check, whatever, have it automatically sent by your bank.

    What part of "the rent is due on the 1st" don't you understand?

    Most landlords would not have renewed your lease if you were late - late fee payment or not - 3 times in any 12 months....

    You are bad tenants because you don't follow your landlord's instructions OR your lease.

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