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    Settlement with Landlord

    What is the name of your state? AL
    I have a dispute with former landlord who holds me accountable for some money. I agreed with some of the charges and looks like the landlord is willing to accept what i offer if i pay it quick. I know that there is supposed to be some sort of settlement agreement or so, just to make sure he is not going to ask for more in the future. Is there any sample of such agreeement available? ( I couldn't find it online). Or what should be written in that agreement? I want to send this signed agreement to landlord asking to send it back to me with signature and then i'll send a money order.... Any thoughts on how to settle it right? (mediation is not an option since I live thousands miles away from where landlord resides).

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    lease issues california

    I have been given a 3-day or quit notice. The landlord has requested that I leave today. I have a lease for 3 years. My question is am I liable for the lost rent? Is the landlord breaking the lease?

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