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    Tenant Has not paid rent

    Illinois. We have been renting to a tenant for approximately 2 1/2 yrs. We have been pretty flexible for her paying rent a few days past the signed contract agreement of the 1st of the month. Now the tenant has not paid rent for 2 months and will not return phone calls and we have contacted her via mail with notices for PAST DUE payments. Our signed contract is valid for one year and does not expire until January 2009. When can we serve her with a notice of eviction or is there some other step that we sould do first. ThanksWhat is the name of your state (only U.S. law)?

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    You need to become familiar with the eviction laws in your state/county.

    It's likely you could have served her a "Pay or Quit" notice 1 month and 27 days ago (or whenever your lease says that rent is late after a certain date). Depending on the length of the Pay or Quit notice (typically 3 to 5 days), if your tenant did not respond with the rent payment, your next step would be to file for the formal eviction.

    Do a "google" search on "landlord tenant laws in Illinois" to find out the steps for eviction.


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    I would also google "fighting eviction Illinois" to see if there is a list of common errors landlords make that would prevent court from entering an eviction order... and don't make them.

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