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    mariap22 Guest

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    In my lease it says that I am responsible for my water bill. However, it does not state how my monthly water fee is going to be calculated. It turns out that the water company bills my entire apartment complex and then my landlord divides the bill up the number of people living in each apartment. Aren't they required to have a water meter for each apartment prior to billing us for "our" water usage and not someone elses? This doesn't seem legal. Thank you.

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    mary hartman Guest
    As long as the landlord includes a copy of the total water bill, and then divides it by the exact # of people in the complex. That should also be listed. I see nothing Illegal about that...

    SO buy a garden hose and wash your car often,take lonnng hot showers and wash you clothes a lot to get your moneys worth.

    OH if your complex has a washer dryer room, then that room has to be metered separately... IF you have to pay to use the W/D machines, and you cant be billed for the water it uses, that would be charging you double for the water.

    Time to investigate this.

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