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    budd_t@freeadvise.com Guest
    I am renting an apt. in florida and i paid a pet fee and my dog chewed a hole in the carpet... is that covered under the pet fee money?

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    dj1 Guest
    OH boy you got yourself a DAWG!

    DAWGS are expensive destructive animals and of course your pet fee will go towards the replacement of the carpet, BUT dont expect it to cover the cost of it.

    The landlord will sue you for the rest of the cost, after all, you did destroy the carpet.

    You got yourself a DAWG and not a respectable cute little non destructive DOG!

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    budd_t@freeadvise.com Guest
    DAWG... That's funny you REDNECK!!

    only a REDNECK would spell and talk like that!!!!!

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    dj1 Guest
    NOPE sorry buddy I am a New Yorker, but spent some time with rednecks in south carolina and georgia, so i do know the difference between an unruly unkempt krap anywhere DAWG,

    And a dog!

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    There are interesting questions here, however, beyond what has already been noted:

    1. When was the rug in question purchased by the landlord? That is, how old is the carpet?

    2. How much of the total carpeting in the apartment was damaged?

    3. Can the damage be repaired? If so, at what cost?

    4. Assuming all the carpeting is destroyed, what is the "value" of that loss? Examples might be: Original cost less depreciation, or replacement cost?

    5. If original cost or even replacement cost, less depreciation, how is the depreciation calculated? That is, a brand-new carpet, merely because it is put into a given apartment, may depreciate 30% to 50% the very first year. What is the useful life of a carpet? Are there statistics or honorable resources that can provide guidance here?

    6. Perhaps a good tip for readers here would be to always consider "renters" insurance...and learn about what the policy covers and does not cover. Personal liability should be covered and perhaps damage done by pets would also be covered. In some cases, landlords are the ones pushing this kind of insurance for tenants so as to avoid the type of dispute you will be involved with.

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    budd_t@freeadvise.com Guest
    Thank You.....a smart person, FINALLY

    The carpet was old when I moved in, it had dark stains in different areas and at the entry way the nails started popping up.

    The spot he chewed was in the hallway by the bathroom. But I'm sure they would have had to replace the carpet when I left anyway.. You could just tell it's old.

    But I have one more question...they didn't do any kind of walk thru with me when I moved in to list all the things wrong with the apartment before to see what I would be responsible for when I leave... Shouldn't there have been something like that?

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