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    Wisconsin 60 days notice

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)?

    We're college students and are having issues getting out of our lease with our landlord company.

    Our lease for our appartment (a 9 month lease) is up on May 30th, 2009. In the lease there was a section that stated we needed to give 60 days notice when were were going to vacate. We took this as 60 days notice if were were going to terminate our lease early. Needless to say we called the company and they told us it was 60 days notice EVEN if the lease is up. Furthermore they said 60 days prior to the first day of the month we wish to vacate. There is nothing in the lease about the lease rolling month to month or anything. It only says we will be responsible for penalties and would forfeit our security deposit if we do not give 60 days notice.
    We gave them notice on 4/16/2009 and we were told we would be responsible for the following months rent because of this late notice. We were not too happy about this and feel this is just their scam to not return our security deposite and get more money out of us.
    Today we got a letter in the mail saying we are now responsible for rent through 8/20/09 unless someone else rents the appartment. The letter also says we should post ads and do showings of our appartment.
    My question is, it this legal to hold us responsible or to even make us give 60 days notice even when it is a 9 month lease and it is up?

    Any help is much appreciated. I can provide a copy of the lease if necessary as well as the letter to from them.

    Thanks so much.

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    anyone have any advice?

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    I think

    30- 90 notice is the normal. I also think when a lease ends it ends. You might lose the security ,but I don't see how they can charge you the extra 4 months rent. I am taking this it is near a college ,and that is the reason for the 9 months lease. Look up landlord tenant for your state .I really dont think you can be responsible for the 4 months . Isn't it an apartment or LL job to get his place rented when notice is given ?

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    You gave notice on 4/16/09. It does not become effective till 05/01/09. Your 60 day notice is over on 06/30/09, and that is your last day there.

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    You are responsible for the rent through 6/30 due to your late notice - and no more. Any damage done to the apartment will also be your responsibility.

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    A seasonal lease agreement is subject to the same state laws as a standard annual lease or month-to-month lease. However, seasonal lease agreements tend to be modified and conditioned upon agreement between LL and tenant. Seasonal lease agreements are specific to the circumstances and purpose of rental -- college boarding, occasional at-will use, summer/winter vacation, etc. Therefore, the terms and conditions of start date and termination date are fixed for a certain number of months or weeks.

    There are usually additional terms and conditions related to the time of non-occupancy or non-use which should be detailed in the original seasonal lease agreement. During the time of non-occupancy or non-use either the LL or tenant can be responsible for maintenance of the premises until reoccupied by current/temporary tenant or new/next tenant.

    Whether tenant is obligated to sixty (60) days advance notice of intent to vacate from date of notice or date of rent term would depend on whether the State of Wisconsin is a LITERAL day state or a TERM/RENT CYCLE state.
    [LIST][*]If Wisconsin is a literal day state then tenant is obligated from date of notice until June 16, 2009.[*]If Wisconsin is a term state then tenant is obligated from date of next rental period until June 30, 2009.[/LIST]

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