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Thread: itemized bill

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    itemized bill

    What is the name of your state? New York

    i asked my attorney for an itemized bill of the work he has done for me. it took him over a year to provide me with the bill itemized. then only reason this attorney provided me with the itemized listing is because i filled a fee disputed with the bar assoc. then the next day he emailed me the itemized bill. is this attorney in the wrong for waiting so long to provide me with the bill? also i found out in the bill that he over charged me $50 per hour. and it looks like he padded the bill. i asked this law firm to do work for me at $150 per hour. i found out they were charging me $280 per hour for this attorney to consult with a partner of the firm. so now a hour talk with my attorney was costing me $580 per hour. $150 per hour for talking with me and then another $150 per hour plus the $280 per hour to talk to the partner. they kept this from me until i saw the itemized bill.
    is it legal to charge for consulting with partner. the attorney petitioned the court to have him removed from this case but will not give me my files so i can have another attorney finish the work. is there any recourse here . do i have to petition the court to get my files????What is the name of your state?What is the name of your state?What is the name of your state?

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    What did the Attorney Grievance committee say about it all ?

    First , exactly what did the contract you signed state about all this ?

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    Attorney Grievance committee

    i have filed with the fee dispute with the local bar assocation.
    the Attorney Grievance committee said they will look into this matter if filed with them.
    the most the Attorney Grievance committee will do is to send the attorney a letter of warning if that!!!!!! i am still trying to get my files so i can my work finished.

    i did not sign any contract. in new york is seems that lawyers do not have to have a signed contract to make it a legal contract. i think the law is anything under $3000 does not need a contract. but if the amount is over $3000 the lawyer needs to send the client a statement which generic form stating rates and the fee dispute process. while i agree verbally to have an attorney do the work for $150 per hour i would never agree to $280 per hour, i had other attorneys to do the same work for $150 /$175 per hour.

    i have been trying to close my fathers estate out for over 3 years now and this attorney firm in syracuse new york is fighting me on every turn. the attorney petitioned the court to have himself removed from my case. and still will not give me the files.

    the fee dispute which is handled by the local bar assoc has not sent me the decision of the arbitration hearing , it is going on 2 months now. they are suppose to reply within 30 days.

    of course the arbitration panel agreed with the attorney and would not listen to my side of the arguement , also they did not show any proof of the contract was every sent to my for my review. the attorney that was appointed by the fee dispute board said there is a law in new york that is you use the us postal service to send a contract thru the mail you do not need any type of signature. so the attorney says he sent it but i never recieved it. but they do not have to show proof of delivery. nice !!!!!

    also i might mention that the arbitration attorney and the attorney that i am having the problem with are in the same building. doing the same type work. the fee dispute board does not think there might be a conflict of interests here.

    another thing is that the fee dispute board can not get the balances due to balance out. i wonder why????

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