What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? ar

My attorney has done little on my case. I was read ended almost 3 yrs ago and was told I would win a min of 50,000 after medical. I had a cervicle fusin the year before the collision and from mri's and from the dr reports all was going well before the mva. After the accident i was having severe headaces, spasms and was sent back to a spine specialist to check my fusion. His Mri and results were that the fusion did not take and I had to under go a 2nd cervicle fusion. The ins co for the driver that hit me says I already had previous comdition n they offered a offinsive small amount to settle. I told the paralegal thati would not settle for that amount. I was then told that since the statue of limitations is soon to run on this, that ( I ) needed to get my dr's to write reprts saying that the mva was responsable for my current conditons. All of this in the last few months of my case and now it's up to me to go on a fact finding search with my dr's? What does my lawer get paid for? I was contacted by the attorney personlly and was asked if i was going to take the small offer and is that what I and the paralegal aggred on. Sounds like he knows nothing of my case? That this is what the responsable ins co was beliveing I would settle for.. Any way I am completly lost as what to do. I live in severe pain and stay medicated 24 - 7 to ease the neck and back pain I still go thru. Any help or sugestions would be greatly appreciate, thanksWhat is the name of your state (only U.S. law)?