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    What is the law regarding items "not ordered"

    What is the name of your state?

    Oklahoma-I was looking into purchasing an item over the internet. I attempted, but did not have enough credit available and my card was declined, therefore, I did not order the item. Yesterday, the item arrived at my home via FEDEX. It states they only way to receive a refund is it I prove that I have tried the product and it failed, otherwise I will be charged the purchase price. How can they send something to me and expect payment if I did not order it? I thought there was a law which addressed this issue, where, if you are sent something without ordering it, you were not liable for it? Is there such a law? Can I return it? Thank you for any advise.


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    check with your credit card company to be sure the online business didnt run your card again and get an approval for the charge.

    what is the product?

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    ItsMeCher Guest


    The item was a "Real Estate Investors" kit. Does that make any diffrence? I will check and see if it was run twice. I think that DOES make a diffrence. Thanks


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    [QUOTE=ItsMeCher]The item was a "Real Estate Investors" kit. Does that make any diffrence?[quote]

    And if it was processed on your credit card, simply dispute it with the card issuer. Oh, and be sure to return the product to the company with some method of PROOF of delivery (signature required).

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