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    Dad went into the hospital for bypass surgery. He is 70, had good health other then the heart surgery needs, and after what the doctor called perfect surgery, they found a tube they put near his lungs to monitor his lungs had moved and punctured his aorta. His lungs filled with blood and after a month and 1/2 in SICU he was moved to 6th floor for rehab. Rehab did not monitor him and he coughed and his stomach acid went into his lungs. Serious complications occured which put him back into SICU per the doctor. The doctor told off 6th floor 4 times and dad stayed in SCIU with new kidney problems(non before this), a trache tube for his lungs and they put a pacemaker in him. After a month and no rehab, the doctor had dad moved to 4th floor for rehab starting again and care. He was on the 4th floor for one day only, when they told us they wanted him to leave. Now with two and 1/2 months and no rehab, the doctor says dad needs kidney dialosis, his trache tube down sized,(but they fear doing this because dad keeps bleeding when they try)yet they want the bed space so they want him to go offsite to a 90 day, sub acute nursing home for care. This hospital has a onsite rehab for only after the sub acute care. Seems insane as dad needs to be in the hospital for the close care he now needs. Can they force us out to the nursing home care with all the traveling back and forth he will need for his kidneys, and trache down sizing, or can we force them to keep him on their 4th floor at least until we can get him to another close hospital with sub acute rehab? We just want him to stay with them for a while longer until we can get him into a hospital with sub acute care. It may be a week for an opening or 3 weeks. Sorry this is long winded, we just feel with all the traveling, he wont get much help from the nursing home and he will end up right back at the hospital in the end. Any helpful advise you can give is very GREATLY appreciated. (Michigan)

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    This sounds as if there MAY be some serious malpractice. That's the way I'd approach it -- by consulting a malpractice lawyer and having that lawyer immediately question whether this is a way they are trying to cover upo their malpractice.

    Hospitals always perform some sort of triage -- I am not sure what the state laws in MICHIGAN say, but unfortunately, this sort of thing sometimes happens and you'll need someone to fight for your dad who knows the system there.

    This is intended as general information only, NOT legal advice. You are not my client and I have no obligation of any kind to you. To retain a lawyer I suggest you go to www.AttorneyPages.com.
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