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    Veg4Ev Guest

    Question Doctor Won't Release My Records

    I recently moved from New Jersey to Florida. I am self-employed and had to change to a new health-insurance carrier when I got to Fla. since my NJ carrier does not do business in Florida.

    The trouble is that a doctor I saw while in NJ refuses to release my medical records. I called him and left him a voice mail (he screens all calls; he never replied).

    I've had my new doctor contact him; he ignored their request. He also has not responded to records requests from my insurance broker and the new insurance company I was attempting to receive coverage from.

    The new insurance co. will not cover me since it hasn't seen my records.

    Can he do this? I thought all patients have a right to see their records. What recourse, if any, do I have?


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    cbg is offline Senior Member
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    Has he actually outright refused or just failed to respond?

    Have you tried talking to a member of his staff rather than the doctor directly? Usually a staff member will be responsible for records.

    Did you, by any chance, owe him any money? Are you prepared, if legal in your state, to pay for copying?

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    Veg4Ev Guest
    He runs his own office; he has no staff. It never is possible to speak to him directly when calling in to his office initially. Every time I've ever called him, I've had to leave him a voice mail and wait for him to call back. Of course, this time he's ignored my voice mail and the messages left by my insurance broker and the people from the insurance company.

    I owe him no money.

    If I remember correctly, in my voice mail, I told him I'd be happy to pay for copying if necessary. No response.

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    Try sending him a certified letter stating that unless the records have been released or appropriate arrangements have been made within two weeks from the date of the letter, you will be forced to take legal action.

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    Try a complaint to the NJ carrier that has him on the provider roll.

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