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    Neighbor car park in front of my house ?

    CALIF: I have an annoying problem: my new neighbor keeps parking his car in front of my house, sometimes for days. It accumulates junks in front of our house, and it is very hard to clean/sweep this area. When I tried to confront him this morning, he told me that I don't own the street parking, and his dad is working in the City Council if I want to talk to his dad (apparently his dad owns this house). There are apparently several people (and several cars) living in this house, and they don't park in their garage (they use their garage for storage)
    What should I tell him? Is it illegal to park in front of my house for an extended period of time (like overnight)?
    Please help
    ps: I live in San Jose, Northern California
    and this is my first post.

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    Unfortunately, if the space you're referring to is part of the public street or right of way, the answer is no, it is not illegal for him to park there for an extended period.

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