What is the name of your state? NJ
My company suddenly closed January 17 this year. A health insurance premium was withheld from my pre-tax pay on the last check. Rumors were flying, so I called the insurance company 3 times in January to verify our coverage, the last time being Jan 30. I was told each time the group policy was still in good standing through January 31. I then got a letter dated Feb 4 which was a certificate of coverage, saying our coverage had been terminated as of Dec 31, 2002. OUCH! A service manager at the insurance company explained they got a letter from my company on Feb 3 retroactively cancelling the group policy back to Dec 31. Is that legal, especially after they witheld the money? In April they reimbursed the witholding by money order, which I have not cashed. We have almost $5000 in medical bills from January that the insurance company says they now won't pay because we were not enrolled at the time of service. Again, is it legal to retroactively cancel health insurance? HELP!