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    midmissouriwoman Guest

    Question 17 year old, what are the legal rights?

    I am in Missouri but I think this is in all states. A teenager at 17 can quit school leave home and get married, yet the parents are legal responsible for them until 18?

    My friend has a 16 year old who thinks that when she turns 17 she is off and her boyfriend at 19 and who has a baby are going to get married and get the baby and live happy ever after.

    Well we all know this is a fantasy, but what is a parent to do? Can they drop out of school in Missouri at 17 and get married when legal age is 18?

    What can a 17 year old do legally and what can parents do?

    It seems like a very fine line. I know she has to act now before the daughter is 17 but say she gets her into Girlstown when she is 17 can she just leave?

    Help please lost and confused

    her mother is very distressed

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    4gals1guy Guest
    In some states, kids can be emancipated when they are 17, but only if they can prove they can support themselves. This is a very serious and resonsible action, and is not taken lightly. Moving in with a boyfriend doesn't count. Otherwise, kids have to do what their parents tell them to do -- where to live, go to school, etc. -- until they are 18. I'm not sure what the laws are in Missouri. You might get a response here from someone who does, though, as this comes up quite often. I can tell you that once that girl is 18, she can do what she wants. Unfortunately, we're forced to make some of the biggest decisions of our lives when we're 18, and most people spend the rest of their lives living up to those decisions in one way or another. Call the courthouse and ask what the marriage age is. If it's 18, you can squelch the girl's first plan...

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