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    Question Children sharing rooms

    What is the name of your state? Kentucky

    At what age and what is the legal break down of what age children of opposite sex can share a room? We have six children and only one is a boy if we have to go by a two per room rule and opposite sex rule then we would have to live in a 5 bedroom house and those are really hard to find when you are paying to raise 6 children. So we need to know what is the legal requirements for children per room and what age children of opposite sex can still share a room. Our oldest is the boy and he is 10 our youngest girl is 5. Can you please help so we are in the good legally? We own our own home.

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    Hmm. Well my little brother and sister used to share a room, when he was between 5-7 and she is almost 3 years older then him. He had his own room, but he got scared a night, so for three year he slept in her room. But everything else was in his room. And then we had an older cousin living with us during that time, so he 21 at the time stayed in my brothers room.

    But seeing that the boy is getting older, he should have his room. One because he is the oldest and two, he's the only boy. What you could end up doing, is either having three of your girls sharing a room. Bunk beds and a twin bed would work well for that. Or if you have a basement, and theirs a room down there that could be turned into a bed room. That would work too

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    In rental property unless a local city ordinance spells out occupancy rules then its up to the LL and if your renting keep on looking , you may have to find a place that has 2 larger bedrooms and 2 smaller your son in one and you and spouse in other or A place where the LL will allow you to turn a rec room or other space into a sleeping area . Many LLs go by the 2 per bedroom thing to stop excessive wear and tear on the property wich really does happen. Back when I had the 4 plex one tenant that would have been inherited with the property had 5 kids BF and one in the oven. all living in a 1 br unit, I didnt rent it to them but sure did give her proper notice to move out.

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    There generally isn't a LAW that dictates how many children of which gender can sleep in a bedroom together. When it becomes an issue is (a) if you're renting as FarmerJ indicated, (b) you're looking to adopt/foster children, or (c) if Children's Services becomes involved in your life.

    Certainly by the time a child is reaching puberty, it's time for that child to stop sharing with an opposite gender sibling (in our society, at least). I'd personally think that, if there is room, once a child begins to show a sense of personal modesty - especially around the opposite gender - it's time for some separation. However, there's no reason why 3 girls can't share a room as suggested above. And as the oldest, it's certainly not unreasonable for the boy to have his own room - which can them be taken over by each next oldest as the kids start flying the coop.

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    Smile Thanks a million

    I have debated all these ideas with my family, husband and children since we feel the kids have a say in what happens in thier life almost as much as we do as parents. Of course my son wants his own room but if we do that we will have 5 girls sharing a room together. The rooms are 15*15 and 15*13 so I thought we could make one room for the three youngest girls and allow the three oldest kids share a room by putting up a partion wall since we do not have the means at this time to create a whole wall. However, after much talk and discussion the girls decided that the like being together in one room and they would love to stay in one room if we can make it work. It is nice to know that there is not an actual law preventing us from being able to live as a large, close tied family. Seperate rooms do offer individualism but it also offers seperation. Thanks for all the input!

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