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Thread: dad screwed me

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    r4736 Guest

    Angry dad screwed me

    my father was ordered by the court to pay for my college, but never did and he
    screwed me by putting my name on the loan so now I have BAD credit and they
    are threatening to garnish my wages

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    stepmommy26 Guest
    How old are you? Have you tried talking to your dad. I'm pretty sure he only did that because he couldn't afford it?

    If you have a job I can't see why you can't pay for your own college expenses?

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    r4736 Guest
    oh he has the money, he takes his new wife and children on vacation every fiew months and buys them whatever they want.. i recently got maried and the a$$ stole thoes disposible cameras that guests are suposet to take pictures with and leave there for us to see what a good time they had... i only invited him because i dont want to be like him.. so you can see what he is like.. and i have payed for everything in my life my cars my insurance my home... if i can stick this to that ******* and make him pay il be happy

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    Dec 2001

    please tell us the kind of loan (bank, federal, Stafford, etc.). how old the loan is. and, most importantly, has a judgement been entered against you?

    if you have an order for him to pay for your college, I think you can collect from him and use the money to pay the loans. have you asked that question of the attorneys?

    you can always call your dad, sweetly and innocently, and ask if those photos are developed yet (inferring you think that's why he took the cameras--to provide the photos as a gift)

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    Grandma B Guest
    Your father couldn't apply for loans in YOUR name. That would require your signature on the loan application.

    I don't know how long you've waited, but it's been a while if the loans are in default. It may still be possible to recoup the college expenses if your mother files a Motion to Show Cause against your father for not paying them.

    Ellencee's suggestion about the cameras was clever, but other than any satisfaction you might gain from that, you're probably going to have to suffer that loss.

    Good luck!

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