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    Wolfdragon Guest

    Red face Emancipation in Indiana

    we are looking for any information and or forms on emancipation of a minor in the state of indiana.

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    dorenephilpot Guest
    You can go to the law library of a law school near you and look up the information.

    Briefly, here's what the statutes provide:

    If a child has turned 18 and is not enrolled in school (either finishing high school or planning to attend college within four months or less) and is capable of supporting him/herself, then the parent who is paying support can petition the court to have him/her declared emancipated.

    Child support can continue past age 18 for disabled kids.

    If the child is enrolled in college or will be within four months, then the parent is on the hook till the child turns 21. However, because a child usually doesn't finish college until age 22, if there is a four-year degree involved, the court probably won't emancipate till after college is finished, if the custodial parent disagrees with the emancipation.

    This is a brief summary that doesn't spell out every contingency/issue, but I hope the basic information helps.

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    Wolfdragon Guest


    my wife and i are interested in indiana state law about emancipation of a child at the age of 17. her son my stepson wants to get emancipated and to tell you the truth we are ready to let him so that is what we need info and or forms on thank you

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    TemptedLonging Guest
    Hello, I am 17 years old, living in IN with my lesbian mother, her lover, and my derelict uncle. I feel that my housing environment here is unhealthy for me and creates a difficulty in my furthering my life, as I wish to finish high school and go on to a well respected college, eventually earning my masters. I have a well paying job, and a place where I can stay with people who will be supportive of me. However, my mother wishes for me not to leave. It seems that she is determined for me to stay with her, no matter how disturbing her life is to me, or how unhappy I am. I would like to petition the court to allow me to become emanicipated and live with my more than willing and supportive friend, who is well over age. However, when I spoke to a lawyer in my town briefly, he dismissed me and said that the court wouldn't agree to emancipate a minor that is still attending school. What do you think my odds are of succeeding if my mother fights my petition? I need to know, for if I lose my petition, things will get worse here with my mom. Thank you in advance.


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    dorenephilpot Guest
    You can:

    1. Tough it out till you're 18.

    2. Leave early and hope she doesn't have you arrested and turned over to juvenile authorities.

    3. Have someone call child protective services and commence an investigation where it will be determined whether you are being abused or neglected. If you are not, you will be causing a lot of unnecessary grief for your mother, who might take it out on you. If you are truly being abused or neglected, you will most likely be removed from the home and put into foster care, not into your friend's home.

    Many teen-agers believe that their home life is hellish, that they are the only ones on the planet in their uncomfortable circumstances and that they cannot get out soon enough.

    My advice would be to tough it out and then get out when you're 18. Go on to college and a good life. If you apply yourself, you can do this even without mom's stamp of approval. That's why student loans exist!

    Best of luck to you.

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