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Thread: FCCS and CASA

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    netstop Guest

    FCCS and CASA

    What is the name of your state? Ohio
    Am only employed part-time.
    Scheduled one-two days a week, 51/2-6 hour days for 7.25 an hour.
    In Oct of last year, FCCS placed 2 of my grandkids with me. Because of this, I lost my home and job. I receive no aid of any kind except for the medical card they finally got the past 2 months. FCCS says as a family member, I'm not entitled to any aid for the kids. Every time court has been scheduled, it has been postponed by them. We have followed the case plan as well as possible. Now the Guardian ad litem has been replaced by CASA. The original prosecutor has removed himself from the case. Last month on the 18th, the Judge decided to remove himself. I believe the kids and I need an attorney, but I obviously am in no position to pay for one. I sincerely believe my daughter and son-in-law are good parents, and it is hurting these kids to not be allowed to go home. Every complaint made against my daughter and son-in-law has been proven false...but each new court day they come up against new allegations. I believe our rights are being violated in more ways than one, and I'd like some information on what I can do to speed the return home. I don't believe CASA is working in the best interests of the kids. I know the FCCS supervisor told how the kids are prime adoptable age, and that if this drags out until Oct. they can remove them from me and adopt them out. Yet, they are the ones finding reasons to continue the case, even as far as dropping the charges and refiling. I believe this should have been over the first time they checked the kids and found no bruises, marks, or any sign of abuse, just happy,chubby, healthy kids...plus my daughter and her husband have gone for numerous drug and alcohol assessments, and nothing has ever been found. On the 3rd was another court date, which has been postponed until the 28th of this month. We already heard that on the 28th, they are going to go through dropping and refiling the charges again to give theirselves another 90 days. Which brings us into Oct. again, and the end of the year they have to keep the kids away from home so they can adopt them out. I can't run, because I've gone through this so many months of no work now, and I have no money left. I do not want to see them put anywhere but back home, where they want to be. I hate watching them cry because they can't go home with mom and dad when they come visit or we go over to their house. The other thing is...CASA has decided they should probably be removed from me because we're staying at a friends house instead of me having my own place, and because I'm not in a steady relationship that would prove I was stable and a good influence. So when court comes up on the 28th, CASA is going to recommend they be removed and given over to the state. The whole point in my taking care of them since October was to get the family reunited.

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    Under federal law, they can't adopt them out until they have been in foster care for 15 out of 22 months...guess they are little ones eh? Yeah, CPS gets federal $$, brownie points and has to meet a yearly quota. Does your daughter and her husband have a lawyer? I think they are the ones that need a bull dog. Are they having any visitation at all? If not, then they to immediately file for frequent and meaningful visitation. Since it appears everyone is backing away from this case, probably a motion to dismiss. About the money issue, you know, I'm just NOT sure about that. However, I have NEVER heard of because you are a relative, you don't recieve support...could be another game on their part. I took temp. custody of my cousins daughter so he could clean up his act. NC asked me if I wanted it (NO)...dang, just leave me alone! *LOL*
    Even if you can't afford an attorney, my advice is this. Call the Ohio State Bar. Get a referral to an attorney the specializes in CPS (not all lawyers will, as a matter of fact few do) handle such cases. They aren't stupid after all, they know how manipulative and just plain WRONG CPS is. You want a BULLDOG, someone who will make CPS sweat. It won't cost you more 50-100 for a consult. At least this way you can find out where you stand and if possible, make payments. Between the 3 of you, this might be possible.

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    does your daughter and son in law have a lawyer??
    seems to me if they cant find anything wrong they need to return the children..... reading up on CASA they are made up of volunteers.... heres the link for you to read,......and they are running on public donations**************... gets me to thinking.....

    so much for the constitutional speedy trial thing**************

    [URL=http://www.nationalcasa.org/]CASA - click here[/URL]

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    netstop Guest
    Yes, my daughter and son-in-law both have court appointed attorneys. My sil's is decent and willing to fight for them, but her attorney hardly ever talks to her, won't return her phone calls, and the only advice he gave her was to leave her husband. Funny...this was a happy family before an anonymous phone call was made.
    As for visitation, they can come here to see the kids or I can take the kids over there. We can visit anytime as long as I'm right there with them.
    So far my sil has lost 2 jobs because of all the time missed due to court dates, meetings with FCCS and CASA that they won't set for evenings, the classes they've been made to take, and afternoons wasted at the lab because they weren't doing drugs or alcohol to begin with, but must be tested frequently. In case they start? In case they're driven to it?
    I gave up the job I had to take care of the kids, because I thought it would be easy to find something that would work around school hours, and besides I didn't exactly have a reliable babysitter in the wings when this happened. Needless to say, the only job I did find...I can't wait to get away from when the kids GO HOME.
    I've tried the Bar, only got 2 referrals, one wants 200 an hour, the other at least 250. I have to find one who will at least let me make payments. Pro bono isn't necessary, but I'm broke, so a little trust would be nice. I'm willing to pay in time.
    These kids, she's 7...he's 3 1/2...are good kids...and certainly don't deserve what's happened.
    It would be nice if I could work full time again, but now I know why younger people complain about child care costs.
    Yes, I knew about CASA before this. There were fliers up at the library, and I was actually going to check into them more the very week I got the kids. But, NO, I think I'll continue my volunteer efforts towards helping with the GED. CASA doesn't get my vote for a program worth supporting.
    If my daughter and son-in-law somehow end up not getting the kids back ( because they don't beat them? don't starve them? don't hang them from a hook in the corner by their big toes? ) I'm hoping custody is offered to me. I've heard that if it happens that way, we can go back in in a couple months and say send the kids home. But I'm afraid now because of CASA this will not be an option. I think these services are out to destroy good families. Thanks for the responses. At least I feel sort of like I talked to someone who listened.

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    A.J.HASEK Guest
    GOOD LUCK !!!!!!

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    maybe if you try a local TV or radio station to get your word out on what this organization has done to your family.... sometimes that helps, get some heads rolling... good luck to you and your family... keep us informed if you dont mind... My prayers are with you...

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