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    what is the legal age of a child, if any, in the state of oregon, to be allowed to stay at home by themselves unsupervised?

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    There is no set age limit, it is determined by individual persons.

    You are however, responsible for your children until they are 18 if they are left unattended.

    In my town here, there is a class that children can take that helps them learn how to be babysitters...The class is for children ages 10-13.

    It just depends on the child, and their maturity level. If social services were called on a child left alone, they would most likely quiz the child on what to do in emergencies, how to contact parents and other adults etc...If they child has been taught all this they should be alright.

    I have a 10 yr old that stays home by himself. He's not quite mature enough to "babysit" other children, but he is mature enough to take care of himself. And I may add, he has learned alot and matured emensely from being able to be home alone.

    To sum it up, it's based on the children and their family

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    There is a legal age limit in the state of Oregon for a child to be left at home alone and it is age 10. The age limit to be left caring for others is 12. Most communities in Oregon offer home alone courses for children and there is a hot line for children to call if they are home alone and need someone to talk to or help. Most communities also offer courses on what to do in an emergency if they are babysitting the couse is offered for children 11 years and older.

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