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    Question How do I make my husband legal guardian to my daughter.

    What is the name of your state? What is the name of your state? Michigan

    I was never married to my daughters father and he wants nothing to do with her. He has never made any attempt to see her. His name was never put on her birth certificate. He was ordered to pay child support and all together has only payed about 2 years worth (if that). She is now almost 6 years old and the last support payment was made thru tax differment a little over 2years ago. My husband and I were married 2 years ago June 10th 2000. He would like to adopt her or at least become her legal guardian but we don't have alot of extra money to do that. I want to know how to go about doing both adoption and legal guardianship . My husband is the only one that my daughter has ever known as "daddy" He has been there for her since she was 1 years old. What can I do. I don't care if her birth father ever pays anymore child support. we have been fine without it for a very long time. can you help!!?

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    legal guardianship can be done temporarily by writing a document that states that you as your daughter's parent and legal guardian give your husband joint legal guardianship of your daughter. Dont sign the paper untill you are before a notary public. Bring 2 witnesses(not including your husband). This will work as a legal document until the courts award full legal guardianship to your husband. Adoption however is strictly a court procedure.

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    bevpass Guest

    thanks for your help mandy7181

    thankyou so much for your help. but i do have a question on how this form should be written. Are there ready-made legal documents that I can fill out or do i just write a letter on paper giving him guardianship of her. Do you know if my county clerks office is a notary public that can witness this?? I just have so many questions about this.
    Dont even know where to begin.

    Thank you!

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    if you have an attorney he might know where you can get the forms. I think most banks have a notary public. Your local mailboxes etc might too. I would eventually however go before a judge and make it permanent. Basically all the form states is that you give your permission as parent and legal guardian of your child for your boyfriend/husband to serve as a legal guardian with you for your child.....something like that...

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