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    tommygirl Guest

    Unhappy Im almost 18 but i need to move out now!! please help me!~!

    What is the name of your state? illinois
    hi..i live in illinois...im 17 and will be turning 18 in 7 months. my parents are divorced and unfortunantly my mother lives in a different country. ive been forced to live with my father since age 6. i do not in any way get along with him. ever since i can remember he's been verbally abusive and once in a while he is physically abusive. as time goes on his verbal abuse gets worse and worse. its to a point where i cannot take it anymore. i often lay in bed not wanting to wake up the next morning. i cannot imagine how a parent could say those things to their child. i want to leave my house, and i want to do it now..without all the legal hassle. i have thought this through completely and have a solid plan. i know where im going to be living (alaska), and who im going to be living with. what i need to know is..can i get in trouble for this? if my dad called the police could i get arrested and sent back home? could the person im living with get in trouble? i know i have to be legally 18 to move out...i plan on leaving in october, so by then ill have 5 months till i turn 18. please help me! ive been all over the internet and found nothing. i did find one website that said if you're 17 the police cant make you go home. is that true? please, if anyone has any advice or information post it. also, i dont plan on telling my father that im leaving...im just packing up and leaving so he wont know where i am...so will i be considered a runaway? i really need your help. thank you!!!

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    Towelie Guest
    Alaska is a nice place and no one can find you there. I would if I were you. Or can't you contact your mom and live with here?

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    Since you have decided to leave at age 18 Find away to stick it out But before you turn 18 get some things ready like your SS card , Your Birth certificate. If your still in Highschool Make sure You find away to finish school Once you move .

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    I don't know Illinois law outside my own field but in general, until you are 18 you are under your father's jurisdiction. So yes, if you move out before then he could force you to return; he could have you arrested as a runaway and the person you were living with could face kidnapping charges.

    There may be other ways out. Have you talked with a teacher? A pastor? A counselor at school?

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    You could try emancipating yourself too. I don't know the procedure for this but maybe you could try calling the magistrate or DA and ask them.

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    tommygirl Guest
    i do have contact with my mother...but i cannot live with her because i am a US citizen and shes not. and im not a citizen of her country.

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    Not all states permit minors to be emancipated, and of those that do, one of the requirements is INVARIABLY that you have your parents' consent. But in your case, you will likely be 18 and able to move out on your own, legally, before you could be legally emancipated.

    What you are describing, running away to Alaska before you are 18, could have very damaging consequences for both you and the person you are going to. You MUST seek help if you want to get out from under your father's care. Please, talk to a teacher, a pastor, a counselor, or talk to the Child Protective Services directly. It's possible that because you are so close to 18, they may be able to find a way to get you out now. But you CANNOT do it on your own without risk.

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    acanhl Guest
    hey..... I feel you girl! Alaska's a nice place...but please do be careful! Couldn't imagine anything awful ahppening to you or that someone************** They have alot of fish in alaska!

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    What country does your mom live in?

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    amc822 Guest
    Protective Services will probably do nothing but you should call them so at least you will have made the attempt to fix things. I'm sure if relatives were an option you'd be with them. Be very sure if you go to Alaska you are not going to put yourself in a worse situation. Good luck and I'm so sorry you're in such a mess.

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