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    Incorrigible Child

    What is the name of your state? Ohio

    My question deals with a child that is no longer under a parents control. My son is almost 17, hes been in and out of trouble legally, he steals from us, he calls us names, and treats us all like crap. I no longer have any control of him and he USES us to eat, sleep and take care of his needs, but completely operates on his own. We want him out. Sounds awful, but he is not going to ruin his brothers or us. The legal system punishes us more than him. He commits a crime, they call us to pick him up (under threat of being charged with some crime) and then fine us. He knows we cant not let him come home. He eats, sleeps, showers, does laundry... then tells us to **** off when he is told to stay home. Is there a way to force him to live up to his OWN mistakes. If we could, we would change the locks and let him sleep in his own bed. Help!!

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    My response:

    This is really very simple.

    You tell him that in 1 month, you're both going on a "mother/son" vacation to Brazil. How fun! And, that you're both going to take in the sights and local culture. That's the story you tell him.

    Then, you take yourself and him to get your pictures taken for your Passports.

    Then, after you get your Passports, you buy two tickets to Brazil - - a round trip ticket for you, and a one-way ticket for him.

    You fly into Brazil.

    You get into a cab and go to the hotel you've previously made room arrangements.

    You get to the hotel and get to your rooms, but do not unpack your bags!

    After getting him settled into his room, you take his Passport without letting him see you. You then tell him you're going to the gift shop for a magazine.

    However, the reality is that you're going to the front desk with an envelope. In the envelope is two hundred dollars in Brazilian money, and your note to him - - "Dear Sonny Boy: You're old enough to dislike me and your father? Then you're old enough to take care of yourself. Hope you like your new home and country. Here's $200.00 to get you started in life. Don't waste it. Love, Mom." Have the hotel clerk deliver the envelope to his room.

    Then, you turn on your heels, take your bags out of the hotel, hail a cab, and get back to the airport. Fly home.

    Let Brazil take care of him.


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    Why Brazil? Kinda lush there.

    How about Romania?

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    Nah, most speak English in Romania. Brazil is mostly Portuguese..which I highly doubt he learned in high school...

    Have you considered boot camp? There are several different types. At least this would keep him in line until he reaches 18. You can also try [url]www.toughlove.org[/url]

    Good luck to you!


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    He commits a crime, they call us to pick him up (under threat of being charged with some crime) and then fine us. He knows we cant not let him come home

    Why do you go pick him up? In this state the parents have the option to leave the child there. Or, the parent themselves, may sign an unruly petition against the child.

    I would say you should see an attorney to find out if you have these options in your state.

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