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    Legally Disown an adult child

    What is the name of your state? Louisiana

    I have a soon to be 21 year old daughter from a previous marriage
    she has not lived with me since she was 14 so it has been 7 years now that she has lived with her father. She dislikes my current husband of 11 years is always undermining our authority with her younger siblings (who he is their natural father). I have concerns as to if something were to happen to us or just me what she would try to take from him our home.
    It is his he built it, everythng we have is his he is a hard worker she is a vindictive
    person and her father hates me and my husband. Her actions only show me that she has taken on his feelings. Is there anything you can advise, possibly what first action to take or the possibility of any action. I do plan on contacting an attorney to follow through with this immediately if there is any probability.

    Thank you!!

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    See a lawyer, make a will, and specify your wishes. Then shun her all you like.

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    along with the will, the deed should be held joint with rights of survivorship which would transfer the title to one or the other of you at the death of the other outside of probate.

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