What is the name of your state? Florida

I have a situation with my boyfriend of 11 years. He is a drug addict and for the our entire relationship, I have supported him financially and tried to help him in everyway. He has never held down a job for more than 4 months and we have 2 children together. I in turn work 3 jobs to make ends meet.
My situation now is that I have had it with his drug abuse and I know (from calling child support) that I will probably never get child support, because he can't hold down a job (he's a plumber and is supposed to make good money). Back in December of 2004, he was in a car accident and got pretty banged up and now he has a law suit pending which might get him atleast $100,000. I know that if he gets his hands on that kind of money, the only ones who will benefit will be the drug dealers. My boyfriend keeps telling me that when he gets the money he will repay me all the money he owes me, but my concern is that everytime he has money in his pocket, he disappears for days and does not show up until he has spent every last penny on drugs. Then he asks me for money for gas and cigarettes because he's broke. Right now I haven't seen him for 2 days after he did a side job that paid about $300.00. I had asked him to help me pay the rent and instead he disappeared. Now I just want to kick him out, because this is too much.

I guess my ultimate question is what can I do about the money he is going to receive from the lawsuit. Can I sue him to have the check turned over to me. I will pay his medical expenses and take care of his other debts. I am just afraid that with that money in his possession he will not pay me what he owes me, or his expenses and end up dead somewhere from a drug overdose.

Any advice, would be greatly appreciated.