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    Doctor didn't tell me test results - Abnormal

    What is the name of your state? NY

    I live in NJ but the doctor I went to is in NY. My ob-gyn did not tell me in January that I had an abnormal pap test. In July, I'm at the fertility clinic about to start an IVF cycle when the doctor pulls me into a side room to tell me that I can't start, I had an abnormal pap and that has to be taken care of first. I have the original file from my ob-gyn and on it in her handwriting it says "Colpo" (name of test I required- colposcopy). I was never told this at the time - or any time by my ob-gyn.

    I go to another doctor for the colpo and it turns out there is high-risk dysplasia and I needed a procedure (LEEP) to remove it. Now I cannot do IVF for a minimum of 4 months (or attempt a natural pregnancy). Had my doctor handled this in January this could have been over with by now.

    Can I sue my ob-gyn? What are my options here? (Obviously, she's no longer my doctor!)

    Thanks in advance.

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    Are you certain that you were not notified? Perhaps a message that was missed or a card? Did you request copies of your lab results? When did you have the records sent to the IVF clinic?

    Even though there is a delay, it is better to know before you started the treatments or became pregnant and at least the information was sent with the chart.

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    Delaying getting pregnant is not significant damages; maybe in some unique situation it could possibly be successfully argued differently but in your case there is no basis for a lawsuit. Now, if you've developed cancer in the meantime instead of having dysplasia, post back and I'll answer that you should consult with a medmal attorney at once.

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    Hello. I just finished reading your post and I wanted to say I am sorry that you are frustrated and your IVF is now being put off even further. I don't know if it helps but I wanted to say that the doctor you are now going to really has you and your potential new baby's health and future in mind when it's said to wait until you get the all clear. I'm assuming you already know that and I know that isn't why you are frustrated.
    I was dx with cervical dysplasia CIN type II and III when I first found out I was pregnant with my son. The doctor's urged me to reconsider my options due to the fact that I was still young and they had now idea now just how advanced the disease had become. I was upset much like you because I had went to my regular Gyn doc less than six months before and got a normal test result. My doctor informed me (and later I also did the research on the net) that the virus lays dormant b/c it is a herpes virus and that it can appear and reappear suddenly. I was a nervous upset mess and I had to decide what to do. I was told that by being pregnant, it could make it better or worse. I was closely monitored every 2-3months with paps and colpos during my pregnancy. I had my LEEP done six months after my son was born.

    I was lucky to say the least. My son is the only child I have ever been able to have. My friend I work with just buried her sister whom wasn't as fortunate as me. She wasn't informed of her abnormal results due to the physicians personal religious beliefs for fear she might terminate the pregnancy. She died last week after undergoing horrible chemo and radiation that did absolutely no good. She left behind her 1 year old daughter and her 15 year old son.

    The internet really helped me in my quest for information. I know that's not really what you wanted to know but I wanted to let you know that there is a good side to it. Good luck.

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