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    Unhappy ruptured appendix surgery gone wrong i think

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? iowa
    In August of 2008 i went in for a ruptured appendix, it had been ruptured for 72 hours and the surgeon that did the surgery did it laperscopic instead of cutting me open and pulling my inners out and cleaning them. instead the biol or poison was left inside of me, this was 6 months ago and an absess has come back and i am thinking maybe it is because of the way he did this surgery. i have heard i should have been cut open and cleaned out. can anyone help me answer my question on "was this done right" or did he screw things up. thank you aaron

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    The less you have to be cut open, generally speaking, the better off you are. You should have been pumped thoroughly full of antibiotics to kill any bacteria left from the rupture after the surgery. I don't know for sure, but I would tend to doubt that a laparoscopic surgery instead of open would be considered below the standard of care for a ruptured appendix, since like I said, it's generally thought to be better to NOT open whenever possible. As for whether it was appropriate in your specific case, you would have to have your records reviewed by another doctor to find out.

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    If your appendix was indeed "ruptured", it would not be uncommon to get an abscess, regardless of technique.

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