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Thread: DD 214 Error

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    Thumbs down DD 214 Error

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? HAWAII

    I recently went to my local Army recruiter to discuss a prior service enlistment.

    I was honorably discharged in 1998 from the US Marine Corps with separation code MBK-1: End of Active Service; The narrative states that I was transferred to the Marine Corps Reserve for IRR (for the remainder of my 8yr service obligation). My RE Code is 4 -- this is the problem: not only do I not know why it is 4 but it is impossible per MARCORPSEPS Manual par 1500 to be transferred to IRR with an RE4.

    So, in our discussion, the Army recruiter pulled up the Defense Management Data Center's Recruit Eligibility Data Display -- which he referred to as a "REED Report" and low and behold my RE CODE is 1A!

    I am still awaiting some clarification on this from the recruiter -- I call monthly (now 3 mos) and I dont think he has done anything. I just want to correct my DD 214 so I can enlist.

    I was told that the information in this "REED Report" was derived from my military records, namely my DD 214. If this is the case should they not at least match?

    I sure hope that many of you out there are not in a similar boat. Help, please!What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)?

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    It might be as simple as a clerical error on your DD-214, someone mistyping your re code. As important as the DD-214 is, you'd be surprised how many have errors.

    Try submitting a DD-149, which can be found at:


    It is the standard form for getting such errors corrected. If approved, you'll get a DD-215, which is an updated DD-214.

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    Thanks a lot for the form. I mailed it yesterday morning.
    I hear lots of people say that the Marine Corps is infamous for hosing people with bunk RE Codes. I also heard from a friend that the Naval Corrections Board rarely rules in your favor since it (go figure) is an admission of an error. I wish I wold have paid attention to my DD 214 sooner. All I ever needed it for was my GI BILL which I used to get through college.

    The Army recruiter believes it may be a mistake, since the REDD shows 1 A. The Marine recruiter in the office next to him agreed it looked bizarre given the honorable and separation code (MBK1).

    The army recruiter is worried that it if it comes back RE 4 that it may still be a mistake (clerical) and hard to fix. I will know by the end of this week from the recruiter. I 'm cautiously optimistic as I know that there could still be a mistake.

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    I am having the exact same problem.

    I served in the Corps from 1994 - 2000 (2621/2629) signals intelligence.

    I have an Honorable Discharge, MBK1 with a RE-4

    I just had never really looked at my DD214 very carefully and was glancing at it and saw the codes, looked them up and RE-4 is terrible.

    How is this possible?

    Were you able to get yours taken care?

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    RE Code 3

    My error was the a completly wrong disposition. I got my disposition that states I admitted to being a homosexual. I have my original orders stating that my ETS was moved up 1 month for a school drop. What is the probablity that they fix the 214? Is the review board that strict as in the time period of filing for a correction? It says something about more than 3 years just curious if there is a chance for me to be able to rejoin or get screwed again.

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