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    How do I upgrade my DD214?

    What is the name of your state?GA

    I received my DD214 from the US Navy in about mid June of 2000. My discharge was under Other Than Honorable Conditions. I have a pretty substantial amount of information regarding my discharge, however, I am not sure as to what info is relevant for advice. I beleive that I am running out of time to upgrade this, so immediate assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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    submit a DD293- you can find them online in PDF format-- and i dont think that your time is running out, i dont think their is a limit for how long you can wait. but i think if you wait too long it will be harder to prove your case

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    I appreciate the prompt response. Sorry its taken so long to get back to the forum, I have been overloaded with finals lately. About the DD293, should I google it? Also, should I contact my Senator, or Congressman?

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    Theres some folks at military.com that have experience in this.

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    yeah i would just search for it.. you could also go to a recuiting station and ask them if they could get you one.. tell them that you want to upgrade so that you can reinlist, they would be all over it...lol

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