Ok, here is the deal.

My Hubs is a US Marine and back in late 08, as soon as he returned from Iraq, we were all transfered to Okinawa. He ran PT with his unit, and when it came time to run his PFT (which was in winter of 09), he ended up failing the running portion of it. He, that day, went to medical and they told him that
he had patellofemoral pain syndrome and put him on physical theropy + Light Duty. His command still non-ranked him for failing and gave him a counciling sheet (which from my understanding, since he was seen by medical and they did find a physical problem with his knees he shouldn't have been), and put alot of pressure on him and the med staff to get him off of light duty. After a few months of light duty, his Master Sgt called medical (and we know this cause he told my hubs he did this), and got my husband off light duty and then had him assigned to remedial PT... in which he has been on for at least a year if not more. After training up again, he ran another PFT, and again had the same problem he did in the first PFT. He again, went to medical, and again was given the diagnoses of patellofemoral pain syndrome and physical theropy. This time the doctor told him that if he continued to have problems, to come back. After he finished his Physical theropy (a month later, this time), he started again to train up, only to find he was now worse off than he was when this all started. He went to the doctor, who refered him to formal physical theropy, ordered x-rays and he's been on light duty ever since. Months have past, since this has happened, and his higher-ups are not happy that he's been on light duty (or now it might be limited duty) for as long as he has been and are threatening to admin Sep him from the Marine Corps. Meanwhile, the med staff tell him he should be seen by the med board and if he is to be sep, it should be a med sep... and that his command can't admin him out for this, since he does have a geniune medical problem that is causing him not to pass his PFT.

I'm not sure if he has to formally request to be seen by the Med Board or if they automaticly do it. I do know, they told him that since there is only 1 MRI machine on the island and his problem doesn't take precident over the more critical cases, they won't give him an MRI, even though they would of had we actually lived in the states still. I also don't know if being Med Sep is better or worse than Admin Sep.

I do know, that patellofemoral pain syndrome is a common misdiagnoses for no/ripped cartialige and the only way to know for sure, is to have an MRI. I also know that with patellofemoral pain syndrome the worse thing you can do is push yourself to hard to recover or try to run through the pain. Everytime he pushes himself to go faster, he ends up walking with a very distinct limp for days afterwards, and that's if he's able to walk at all.

Any advice on what we need to do, and the best way to do it, would be deeply appreciated. The whole thing has me very confused, and worried about our family's future (we have 4 kids).