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    Angry Military Working Hours

    What is the name of your state? NC

    I'm in the military. I realize that when it comes to military jr marines get treated like sh**, but when is there a limit? when will higher ranking personnel get monitored??? why is it important that jr marines work 40 plus hours a week senior marines work 20 hours a week sometimes less or if they even show up? what are the limitations? we all work under the same administrator, the US. My personnel problem is working hours. I know things could probably be a lot worse but here, where i'm at, i find myself working at least 40-60, sometimes more, a week. For Jr marines it's ok to work over 40 but not less than 40. My rank is E-3. I take notice that senior marines will come to work whenever they please or that whenever a civilian worker wants to take leave a jr marine will be forced to work that extra shift. I understand w/ rank comes it's priviledges but what are the limits??? I work 10 hr shifts 4 days a week and occasionally i'll have a 24 hr post and if that 24 hr post falls on my days off i'm **** out of luck. I also get called in for some bogus meeting, a piss test, or someone on a powertrip wants to talk to us about financial management. My shift also happens to fall during the night so everything is during my off time. I'm sure everyone that reads this, if anyone, will tell me that's what marine's do! or some crap like that. That's a bunch of crap, the marine corps is under the the US and should follow at least some of the US laws.

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    I use to work 12 on 12 off hours 7 days a week when I was in the Navy. And that didn't include the watches I had to stand every 5 days during my off hours. They can work you 24/7 if necessary. How much time off do you think the men and women in Iraq get, especially those in combat areas. They would probably love an 80 hour week. You have no legal claims, no laws of any kind have been broken.

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    what rank were you when that was going on? were you on a deployment???

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    Do you understand the term RHIP?

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