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    national guard with a oth re4

    What is the name of your state? ny

    I know this has ben done to death but i have to ask anyway. I was told by a recruiter I can go in the national guard with a re4. he said because of the man power shortage they are giving waivers for re-4 oth. Not a day goes by i dont kick myself in the ass for being stupid and going awol. If this is true I would love the chance to do the right thing and serve again. Is this recruiter full of it or has anyone else heard of this. He did tell me my only option to get in would be 11b. Any help in the matter is appreciated.

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    Get yourself polished, take your 214 and if you went to College your Degree.
    Then, just go in one mid morning, and see for yourself if you can. No one
    can give you an affirmative answer to your question; it is on you, and the

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    A buddy of mine had a RE4 from the Navy and got into the Army NG, 11b. So I know at least in my area it's possible. But like shorty said, nobody can tell you for sure, it's on you and your recruiter.

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    I wanted to give you all a update. I brought my dd-214 and copies of all the good i have done since I left( awards letters etc i figure it cant hurt). The recruiter stopped me cold and said i cant do anything with a re-4 oth. I pushed the issue with the station commander and its moving up the chain. I would go back to Benning today if I got the chance to serve again. I was told I have a 50/50 chance time will tell. More to follow.

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    Let us know how it turns out. Best of luck to you.

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