What is the name of your state? PA, Monroe County

I presently own the home I live in for the past 5 years. I am the only person on the deed and the mortgage note. I have fallen into problems paying the mortgage on time and then I paid 4 months at once with late fees and the check was returned due to ISF, I was $62 short and travel with my job and did not get the notice. Unfortunately I had this happen twice in the one week I was traveling. I travel every week for my job.

I tried to refinance for a better rate and was denied due to bad credit. I have a domestic partner who wants to refinance under his name and add his name to the deed. I do have an assumable mortgage and did receive the paperwork to complete this for the other person to take over.

What is the best way and cheapest and smartest way to get caught up on the mortgage and have someone else mortgage my house with both our names on the deed? Can this be done? I can pay all back payments to date with a wire transfer or Cashiers check? Do you think this is an option?

Looking forward to some good advice.