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    Angry Barn Converted to House

    What is the name of your state? Massachusetts

    The neighbor behind me converted his old barn into office/play space. I knew there would be problems as his barn sits right on the property line of my back yard (I live in the city and yard space is a premium). He complains of noise when my kids play in the yard (occasional balls bounce of his building) and also complains when I use my gas mower. Now he is petitioning to convert the barn into a single family home for sale. I can see nothing but problems in the future with new home owners occupying this building I can see the quality of life deteriorating with this conversion. Do I have any recourse to fight this conversion. What can/should I do?

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    You need to check with your city zoning commission for setback requirements.

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    And density restrictions. This MAY be an illegal conversion. Many municipalities limit how many seperate residences are allowed on one lot, or how many families per sq ft of yard, etc. Talk to your building code department. If he is in the same legal subd. as you, you may also check your title policy to see if there are subd. deed restrictions against more than one house (or family) per lot.

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