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    Mail Box on neighbors property

    A few months back I bought a 200 acre farm. Since were on a rural mail route all the mailboxes are on the other side of the road. So i put up a mailbox on my neighbors property in front of my driveway. So the neighbor must of just noticed it and he's pitching a fit. I offered to put up a double poll down where his box is and he didn't go for it. He wants it gone and told me if I want mail to go get a PObox in town. Isnt there a public easement for these type circumstances. Im honestly more concerned with fire/ems/sheriff being able to find me more than the mail. I guess I need to call the postmaster for the small town my mail comes from. Ive scoured the internet but Im not finding anything. On the usps site it just says on a rural route they all need to be on the same side, but nothing about if its not your property.

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? NC

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    Im honestly more concerned with fire/ems/sheriff being able to find me more than the mail.
    If that is your concern, put a post with your address on it on your side of the road near your driveway.

    to the mailbox; contact the postmaster. you can ask if you can place a box on your side of the road. They may not allow it. Other than that, contact the county/city/whatever road people and speak with them. It is likely the road easement extends far enough to allow you to place a mailbox on it.

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    If this is a public road and the box is in the right of way, it must be permitted. Federal regulations decree mailboxes to be part of the public use of the roadway. You can have a chat with the local postmaster, but chances are, as long as it is compliant with the USPS regulations, it will be allowed to stay. Such is life out in the rural routes.

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    When I did a survey (and also talking to county permit office )they told me that all our properties start 50 feet back from the center of the road.
    I was told I need to maintain the land up to the road,but I could not fence it in.I have to fence 50 feet back.

    Perhaps that is the case for you(and neighbor) as well. My neighbor across the street has his mailbox on his side,but his newspaper box is across the street by us.We are in the suburbs not rural.

    If you do end up putting in a mailbox on your neighbors side make sure it is set in a lot of concrete and is a lock box type. Neighbor sounds like a twit who will do foolish things if he is already bent over a simple mailbox placement.

    I would also put a post on your side with the house number for people needing to find your property.

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