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    Angry Neighbor claiming part of your yard

    What is the name of your state?I live in San Diego, CA. I live in the house that my parents bought. My father built a fence behind the house on the east, north, and south borders of the property. The redwood fence was built in 1956. Throughout the years the fence became in disrepair. However, some part of the fence still established the north, south, and east borders. In 2000 I had a chain-link fence installed in place of the old fence. Here is the problem. The property on south was sold last year. The south property also includes land behind my east fence and the east fence on the north property. Last week the new owner had a survey down on his property. He wants build another house on his land. The survery taken shows that I will lose 16 feet of property on my east border. It wasn't until about 1983 when a house was moved to the south property. The south property had been a vacant lot for all those years. My father fence again was built in 1956.
    The south property as stated had a house moved on it. A succession of rental tenants moved in and out. The last rental tenant had to be removed. The owner then sold the house to the present owner.
    Do I have any ownership rights? Or will I have to move my east fence?

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    It's not your land. Move the fence.

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    Wait a sec... I will look outside.


    Quote Originally Posted by BelizeBreeze
    It's not your land. Move the fence.
    BB... look at the title of the post... apparently its YOUR yard

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    You need a land use attorney and soon. You may have rights to the property through adverse possession. See an attorney soon.

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