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    Neighbor parking and trespassing

    What is the name of your state? NJ

    Here is the story: Right next to my townhouse there is a large curb that can fit two cars. My family has four cars, so we usually put two cars on the curb and two in the driveway. However, recently some new people had moved in to the house across from us. The curb connects from our driveway to theirs, so I guess they feel it is their right to park on one side of the curb (they only have 2 cars). Anyway, the neighbor usually parked on the side of the curb closest to their driveway. However, over the weekend, we needed the space in our driveway as we had guests coming over, so my mom's car was parked in the spot closest to our house, and my car was parked on the side closest to the neighbor's house. As my family went to work this (Monday) morning, my car was still there as I'm currently unemployed. Turns out, the neighbor parked his car on our side of the curb, so close to our driveway that it is parallel to the edge of it and it will require a massive wide turn just for us to get out of our driveway (it is not overlapping our driveway, but it is damn close and will make it difficult for us to back out). He also parked it the wrong direction (it is facing the wrong side of the road), and threw our trash bin (which we left for the garbage man) on our driveway.

    Is this something I can call the police for, just to get them to move the car? They obviously won't listen to me if they are that disrespectful in the first place. I am definitely going to file a complaint with our neighborhood, as they've also trespassed on our property with their kids (kicking a ball near our plants and cars), but I want to know if this is something that the neighborhood police could sort out? Or is it too frivolous to call the cops over?

    Let me know.

    Thanks.What is the name of your state?

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    "Is this something I can call the police for..."

    You can call the police for anything you want, but kids kicking balls into your yard
    is a common occurence in neighborhoods and not something you should get too
    worked up about.

    As for the auto situation, you have four cars plus various cars coming and going to your house, while your neighbors only have two cars. You may want to attempt to be as courteous as possible to your neighbors as you are the ones taking up the most street space. Calling the cops over stuff this trivial will only escalate hostilities between you and the neighbors, and that is when you probably will need the assistance of the police. If the neighbors see that you are making an effort to keep your cars parked
    as reasonably as possible, they will likely calm down and cut the crap.

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    I am sorry I can not follow all that curb and driveway whose and what in your post so

    Are they parking ON your property?

    Is the area designated as parking for your townhouse alone?

    If not why would you be involving the police.

    and it will require a massive wide turn just for us to get out of our driveway
    So you make a wide turn and get out.

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    If you really want to, you can stir up the pot by calling the police to report the backward-parked car. But, as has been suggested, you really should try to find a more civil solution to this...

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