What is the name of your state? California

Apologies for the long letter!

For the second time, a neighbor has called the police on me about a REGISTERED car parked in front of my house. On Friday, I was driving home and found my path blocked by a neighbors car. I blew my horn and he eventually moved. The very next day a notice was put on my other car saying that it had been parked in one spot longer than 72 hours. The neighbor, one of the "community cowards" calls the police on other neighbors at their whim and the police come out and do the community cowards bidding. Mind you the police don't come to my door and talk to me, they just leave bull**** notices on my car. And again, the car is CURRENTLY REGISTERED, the tires aren't flat, no pieces are missing, etc.

The first time it happened, I was sent a 10 notice to move my REGISTERED car, parked in my driveway, or it would be towed away at my expense. (Again, no parts are missing, the tires aren't flat, it isn't on blocks, etc) The letter was sent to my house in an envelope marked RESIDENT!!! This was the first and only notice that I had received about this car (a Jaguar). I was so incensed that one of the cowards had called the police on me that I wrote the mayor of San Diego, the Chief of Police, the head of the vehicle abatement department, and my city councilman. In my letter to all of them, I let them know what had happened and sent them copies of the letter and the envelope. Apologies can from almost every corner. Only the councilman didn't respond. (He was later indicted on a fraud charge). The police sent me a long explaination basically saying that they were sorry and the case would be closed. They also sent me a "manufactured, predated inquiry letter" (they had sent me the final letter the first time) supposedly showing that they had followed procedure.

I remember watching the People's Court and Judge Milian stated to a defendant who was constantly calling the police on a certain neighbor that "using the law to harass a neighbor is in itself against the law." Is that true? If so, what is the name of the law or the statute? I've heard of malicious persecution/prosecution. Does this apply in this situation? I like to let this cowards know that MY next move is to sue them and cause them to move to another neighborhood and harass someone else.

For the record, my family, my mother, brother, and myself, have never caused any problems in the neighborhood. No loud parties, no noise, nothing. I would like to know what if any recourse I have against the community cowards and the police, since they seem to enjoy participating in the harassment!

Thanks for your time and consideration.